The Swamp is one of the many biomes to find in V3. It consists of cypress trees and murky water. It will presumably be the habitat for animals like the Titanoboa, Deinosuchus, and Spinosaurus.


You can find the swamp in the isle V3 map and is located 100- +500. Because swimming has not been re-added, navigating the swamp can be dangerous due to risk of breaking your leg because of all the deep pits hidden in water. The swamp is located in some sort of valley that can be accessed through some ramps leading into it. The trees are much more dense and can be hard to find your way. Because of this reason, predators could also set up ambushes. There is also a small hut located near the unfinished parts of the swamp at cords -348 339. There's lots of edible plants in the swamp so it's a good place for herbivores to be but you have to be very careful there because if you fall you can break your leg or die. Many bridges are located around the swamp, providing a safe way to travel.


  • Spinosaurus