The Neurotenic Spinosaurus is an upcoming strain. It will be unlocked by people playing as Spinosaurus in the future.


The Neurotenic Spinosaurus possesses a lean and almost skeletal appearance, with jet black skin and a slightly paler underbelly (in the original fan artwork) showing many veins and dots of bio-luminescence across it's body. Unlike other stains, the Neurotenic Spinosaurus's sail is naked and doubles as bio-luminescent signal antennas that are romoured to be able to disable the sight of other dinosaurs. It also has a flat tail, seemingly for swimming. It's skull structure drastically differs from that of a normal Spinosaurus, bearing no eyes and having bony extensions on either side of it's skull. Therefore, no sense of sight. But with indentations on the snout and extended cheekbones for thermal detection. It has a mouth full of needle sharp teeth along with a thin, long and retractable tongue which end is covered with harpoon-like barbs. In each of its arms exhibit one abnormally long claw which it uses to slash and disable comabtive prey.

In The Isle

Not much is officially known about the Neurotenic Spinosaurus, but according to the original fan artwork, besides the standard abilities of the Neurotenic strain like telekinesis and talking with any other species. The creature also possesses the ability to passively radiate an abnormal electromagnetic field from it's bio-luminescent spinal structures, it's magnetic field operates at a frequency that not only disrupts electronics but also interferes with ones neural connection between the brain and eyes causing optic distortion ranging from 'visual snow' to complete blindness, rendering close-up attacks practically impossible, thus making the creature only vulnerable to being attacked from afar. It can also to snag small preys with it's harpoon-like tongue and stab larger prey items with it's hook like tail (which is not shown in the official artwork, suggesting that this feature wont be included in the final release).


Neurotenic spinosaurus by tapwing-dauhx3f

The original fan artwork for the Neurotenic Spinosaurus

Behind The Scenes

The Neurotenic Spinosaurus's design was originally a fan strain created by the username Tapwing on Deviantart. But it seems that it has now officially made it into the game.

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