The Hyperendocrin Spinosaurus is one of the upcoming strains for Spinosaurus.


The largest carnivore in the Isle, the Hyperendocrin Spinosaurus is a powerful carnivore in its own right. It has two tusk to possibly inflict more damage on its prey or to grasp prey more effectively. It will be able to walk bipedally and quadrapedally. It has a hard time while sprinting because of its small legs and heavy front.

Its body is very spiky above the fore limbs, possibly to protect it from attacks to the front of it (though it is most likely that it is only for visual effects). It's most unique feature is its ability to unhinge its jaw and swallow prey whole, like Titanoboa and the Hyperendocrin Giganotosaurus . However, it can swallow prey the size of and/or smaller than a sub-adult Tyrannosaurus. It also has a large club like feature on its tail. Its unknown at the moment what it is used for, though it could help it swim or defend itself against attackers. In the concept art, it appears to be covered in algae, moss and other plant like substance, which suggests it spends a part of its life in the water, coming on land to feed and rest.

In The Isle

It will have the ability to unhinge its jaws and swallow prey whole.


Behind The Scenes

The concept was made by Fred Wierum, and was revealed by Dondi on November 3, 2016. Dondi also revealed that both versions of the Spinosaurus in The Isle were blended together to make the Hyperendocrin Spinosaurus. A model for the Hyperendocrin Spinosaurus was revealed by Jake Baardse on November 18, 2016.