Shantungosaurus is a genus of saurolophine hadrosaurid from the Campanian epoch of the Cretaceous period.

In Real Life

Shantungosaurus was the largest known hadrosaur, reaching between 48-54 feet(14.6-16.4 meters)in length, and weighed up to 18 tons. It had 1,500 teeth in it's jaws.

In The Isle

Though the Shantungosaurus is not particularly fast, it can still outrun most large predators, with the exception of Giganotosaurus. It can attack their foes with a very high damage output that can smash even the largest of predators in only a few stomps. This coupled with their high health and mass makes them a prey item most predators would prefer to avoid.


Shantungosaurus live in deciduous forest to graze on anything they could reach. Though crowded, they shared their home with the smaller Ankylosaurus, which fed on the low laying ferns and plants.

General overview:


  • Decent speed.
  • Very high health and mass.
  • When mass is accounted for, Shant stomps do the highest damage of any creature in the game, excluding strains and sauropods.
  • Rumours of one-shotting Tyrannosaurus and other apexes persist to this day, giving them a terrifying reputation.


  • Cannot sneak and are rather loud.
  • Cannot stomp with a broken leg.
  • Low stamina, though still significantly higher than the apexes, being able to sprint for 47 seconds contiguously.
  • Are occasionally killed by apexesthough only Tyrannosaurus can effectively hunt them when not in packs.


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Behind The Scenes