Realism servers: (incomplete)

What are realism servers?

Realism servers are special lobbies in which certain dinos are supposed to do certain things ( for example where their species territory is).

What do you need to remember in order to obey server rules?

first and foremost you will need to memorize the borders of your territory, something else to remember is what you can and cant attack ( for example a stegosaurus cant attack a triceratops). this is to prevent predators to randomly attack another predator or for a herbivore to attack another herbivore. you also need to know what lives alone or in a group to prevent accidentally running into a territorial dispute. and one important thing, Know Your Calls! as instead of giving a friendly call, you may alert the group to a nonexistent threat and cause panic among the group.

What can happen if i break the rules?

punishments may vary from a simple warning to a ban or kick from a server. all it depends on is:

  • how many times did they warn you
  • how severe was the infraction

If they warned you multiple times, expect a kick from the server if they choose so. If it is a severe infraction (such as wandering into forbidden territory or attacking animals that are forbidden for your species to kill.) You may be banned for a short period of time or permanently).