Quetzalcoatlus is a large azhdarchid pterosaur from the Maastrichian age of the Cretaceous period. It contains one species, Q.northropi.

In Real Life

Quetzalcoatlus is one of the largest animals currently known to have possessed flight, with a 36-foot wingspan and a weight between 440-550 lbs.

Quetzalcoatlus, like all azhdarchids, was uniquely well-adapted for a terrestrial lifestyle among pterosaurs, with limbs closer to those of running ungulates like deer then to other pterosaurs. This suggests they spent significant amounts of time on the ground feeding on smaller prey.

However, Quetzalcoatlus was also quite adept in the air, able to fly at speeds of 80 miles per hour and stay airborne for 7-10 days at a height of 15,000 feet, with a flight range of 8,000-12,000 miles.

In The Isle

Quetzalcoatlus was the first non-dinosaur added to the game, and serves as the apex of the pterosaur tree. It is capable of killing small dinosaurs, like Austroraptor and Orodromeus, with ease. It's ability to fly makes it able to cover large distances easily and very quickly, but it is not as powerful as other large predators.

They can easily scavenge thanks to their ability to fly, and small dinosaurs are easy prey for the creatures to snap up in their beaks. Quetzalcoatlus must take care to avoid flying in dense forests, and must avoid the large Puertasaurus; once collision damage is added, flying into both at high speed will kill the Quetzalcoatlus.


  • The Quetzalcoatlus is currently unplayable due to back-end issues.



The Isle - Quetzalcoatlus Gameplay (0.0.0

The Isle - Quetzalcoatlus Gameplay (; closed dev branch)

Attack animations

Attack animations