The Puertasaurus is a colossal sauropod, and the largest dinosaur in the game. Its defining trait is quite simply its sheer size.

In Real Life

The Puertasaurus as of right now is only known from 4 pieces of vertebrae, but we do know that it was a fairly large sized sauropod, although how big it was exactly is unknown.

If the estimates used in game are correct, Puertasaurus would be both the longest and heaviest dinosaur known (excluding speculative species such as Amphicoelias fragilimus or Bruhathkyosaurus). Puertasaurus has been estimated to have weighed 80-100 tonnes (88-110 tons), though many estimates are lower, at about 60-70 tonnes (66-77 tons).

Like all Lognkosaurians, a family of Titanosaurs, Puertasaurus may have had spikes along its back. The width of some of its vertebrae suggest the rib cage may have been 5-8 meters (16-26 feet) wide, a large contributing factor to its immense weight.

In The Isle

Usually there are very few Puertasaurus around due to their high progression cost, slow speed, and just a generally boring gameplay style that few players find appealing. They are normally played for their sheer size, power, and relative invincibility.

The Puertasaurus is one of two dinosaurs (The other being Camarasaurus) that currently can attack forwards and backwards. The Puertasaurus is practically unkillable, even to multiple apex predators or possibly even Hyperendocrin Strains.

It is also the only dinosaur that can walk underwater without drowning.(Does not float and does not have swim animation) This can be utilized to move unseen by apex predators or cross bodies of water that would normally take hours to go around with the slow Peurtasaurus.

It is currently only playable in Sandbox mode.

General overview:


  • Nearly invincible to normal attacks.
  • Can attack both in front and behind themselves.
  • Very powerful frontal attack that can kill anything in one hit (except strains and other Puertasaurus).
  • Intimidating size.
  • Cannot break its legs


  • Are exceptionally slow.
  • Sprint is only small speed boost.
  • Extremely vulnerable to bleed
  • Cannot swim;walks on surface underneath
  • Slow turning rate and slow front attack makes defending yourself very difficult.
  • Easy to spot.


For a more complete gallery, visit Puertasaurus/gallery

Behind The Scenes

In a recent stream's chat it was confirmed by Dondi that the Puertasaurus will eventually be replaced by the Brachiosaurus.