Pteranodon is a pteranodontid pterosaur from the Santonian age of the Cretaceous period. It contains one species, P.longiceps.

In Real Life

Pteranodon males were 5.6 meters in wingspan, while females were 3.8 meters in wingspan. Their wings were similar in shape to those of an albatross, which use their wings to glide long distances at sea with occasional bursts of powered flight.

Pteranodon probably lived exclusively on a diet of fish, with marine invertebrates being a possible prey item. They likely fed by both swimming on the surface and diving into the water and plunging into the water from an aerial position, like modern gannets.

They were likely covered in a layer of pycnofibres, and seem to have taken off from land by vaulting into the air with their large, powerful wings.

In The Isle

The Pteranodon is based on male specimens, and will likely progress into the Quetzalcoatlus.


Behind The Scenes