Orodromeus is a genus of thescelosaurid ornithschian from the Campanian epoch of Cretaceous North America. it contains only one species; O.makelai.

In Real Life

Orodromeus reached up to 2.5 meters in length, and would likely have been prey for Troodon, Bambiraptor and Daspletosaurus. Young Orodromeus were precocial, and so probably left the nest shortly after hatching.

It generally fed on low-growing vegetation, and likely could not feed on vegetation more then 1 meter off the ground.

Oryctodromeus, a close relative of Orodromeus, has been discovered to have dug burrows. It is yet unknown if Orodromeus also dug burrows; although the fact that the bones of this dinosaur are found packed, even in situations they typically would have been scattered, lends credence to the idea.

In The Isle

General Information


  • Easy to hide
  • Decent stamina


  • Low Damage (50 N)
  • Extremely easy to kill
  • Slow