Maiasaura is a brachylophosaurinian hadrosaur from the Campanian epoch of North America. It has only one specie

s, M.peeblesorum.

In Real Life

Maiasaura lived in large herds, and it's maximum size was up to 30 feet (9 meters) in length. Over 200 specimens of Maiasaura, from hatchling to adult, have been discovered to date, making it one of the best-understood dinosaurs.

Maiasaura laid between 30-40 eggs in a circular or spiral pattern. Each nest was only 7 meters apart, meaning a full-grown adult could overlook two nests at the same time.

Baby Maiasaura were highly altricial, and could not move out of the nest upon hatching; their forelegs were not fully developed, and so walking would have been impossible. Maiasaura also grew quickly, with young growing from 41 to 147 cm in length over a single year.

This quick growth was likely related to the high mortality rate of Maiasaura hatchlings; 89.9% of all young Maiasaura were killed in this first year of life. Afterwards, the rate drops to 12.7% in the second year and stays at this level before spiking back to 44.4% at 8 years old, when Maiasaura became fully mature.

In The Isle

It is best to run from larger carnivores like Carnotaurus and Tyrannosaurus, but can easily defeat smaller carnivores like Austroraptor.

It is essential to live in a herd for there will be more protection for you. Help the herd by scouting the area for predators, and when one is spotted, warn your herd mates.

General Information


  • Pretty Fast
  • Decent health
  • Decent stamina
  • Can break bones (currently removed)


  • Low damage
  • Fairly loud and hard to hide


Maiasaura live in the open plains with Triceratops and Dryosaurus. While safe from small carnivores, Maiasaura still must keep a eye out for larger carnivores like Tyrannosaurus rex, Giganotosaurus, Acrocanthosaurus,etc. Their loud cries are enough to startle Dryosaurus in the area and send Triceratops in aggression mode.