Dryosaurus is a human-sized herbivorous ornithopod, that is playable at The Isle.

In Real Life

It weighed 77-91 kg (170-200 lbs). Unlike most dinosaurs, it had five fingers on each hand.

In The Isle

Small and harmless, the Dryosaurus is nearly defenseless. But its impressive speed can save it from most carnivores. Some players even considered the creatures as 'cute'.

General Overview


  • Smallest and sweetest dinosaur. Hard to spot.
  • Shortest growth duration.
  • High stamina.
  • Fast


  • Very weak and can easily be killed


Dryosaurus is said to feed in the open plains, where it shares this habitat with Triceratops and Maiasaura. Dryosaurus uses these two large herbivores as protection from larger carnivores. When danger is near, Dryosaurus will let out a loud scream, alerting the other herbivores to the threat.


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Behind the Scenes

Carnivorous Dryosaurs were temporarily in-game and served as the starter for carnivores before it was replaced by Velociraptor.