Diabloceratops is a small ceratopsian from the Campanian age of the Cretaceous period, from 79 million years ago.

In Real Life

It weighed 900-1,800 kilograms (1-2 tons). It had two horns on the nose area, making its appearance somewhat distinct from many other ceratopsians such as Triceratops.


Diabloceratops are said to be at home in the Redwood Forest, where they feed on flowering plants and ferns. They share their habitat with another herbivore, Pachycephalosaurus.

In The Isle

The Diabloceratops is more than able of holding their own against most non-apex carnivores and can be quite dangerous when in a herd. However, it is also slower than most as the only predators it is capable of outrunning are the Suchomimus and Giganotosaurus (although a Giganotosaurus may still be able to trot you down if it's good). It is better to group in a herd and when there is trouble, make sure someone else gets hit instead of you.

General Information


  • Best turning radius
    while its trotting or if his leg is broken.
  • High Bleed Damage and hit damage.
  • High run time.
  • Relative high health and mass.


  • Hunger is highest in the middle of your life cycle.
  • Somewhat slow



  • Based on one of the images of the dossier, it appears Ceratosaurus preys on Diabloceratops. However, given that Ceratosaurus is slightly bigger than Austroraptor and Diabloceratops is around the same size of it, its unlikely that Ceratosaurus would challenge such a big herbivore like Diabloceratops when alone. With this said, Ceratosaurus must have hunted in pairs or packs.