Compsognathus is a genus of compsognathid theropod from the Tithonian age of the Late Jurassic. Remains have been found in both Germany and France. Compsognathus in The Isle will have feathered and featherless variations.

In Real Life

Compsognathus was a small theropod, growing to about the same size as a modern turkey. It was primarily a carnivore, preying on smaller animals and insects.

It is currently unknown if Compsognathus would have possessed feathers; relatives like Sinosauropteryx, Sinocalliopteryx and Juravenator possess feathers, but no specimens of Compsognathus preserve feathers.

In The Isle

Compsognathus will serve as the carnivore equivalent to the Dryosaurus and Psittacosaurus.

Like them, the Compsognathus will be unable to attack, and thus will rely on scavenging to feed itself. To combat any potential issues from which may arise from this, Compsognathus will always spawn near corpses, and will have an easy time locating corpses to feed on.


Behind The Scenes

It was modeled by Jake Baardse.