Brachiosaurus is a genus of brachiosaurid dinosaur from the Kimmeridgian age of the Upper Jurassic epoch. It once contained two species, B.altithorax and B.brancai; this second species has since been split into the genus Giraffatitan.

In Real Life

Brachiosaurus was an uncommon animal in the Morrison, and the most complete remains yet discovered of the genus appear to be of a subadult animal. Large individuals may have weighed around 56 tonnes (62 tons).

Brachiosaurus was probably similar in niche to the modern giraffe; using it's great size and long neck to reach food other sauropods were unable to reach. Unlike most sauropods, Brachiosaurus was unable to rear up on its hind legs.

The iconic Brachiosaurus appearance, as established by Jurassic Park, is actually based on the more complete Giraffatitan remains.

Development Status:

From Punchpacket, 29.01.2019:
Yes, the brachi is still planned. We don’t have any intentions on adding it to survival as a playable. But it may make an appearance as AI. That being said, like the rest of the dinosaurs in The Isle, you’ll be able to pick it up in Sandbox modes.

In The Isle


Behind The Scenes

It was modeled by Jake Baardse.[1]

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