• EatThatPie

    Matriarch page?

    February 26, 2019 by EatThatPie

    Was the Matriarch cancelled or scrapped or can I make a page about it?

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  • Stricker-319

    To our own tier list page:
    The "Progression" tier list is only for the activation stages.
    Here you can check them out:  Progression_mode

    Our own Rank list is based on each dinosaur's strength.
    It would only slightly differ from the current list.

    Shant: Tier 7
    Rex has to break his leg immediately,
    Giga would have to bleed it out pretty often,
    Spino wouldn't stand a chance, Shant can easily catch it and stomp it flat.

    Camara, Puerta: Tier 10
    They are pretty much invincible.
    Even with 100 Bleed it would take a hour until you die.

    Would you like such a page or not?

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  • EatThatPie

    For the b a d g e!

    February 24, 2019 by EatThatPie

    Yeah nobody really  does blog posts on wikia anymore...

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  • TheGreatSuchomimus40


    December 12, 2018 by TheGreatSuchomimus40

    Hello fella! Im here to make my first blog post on this wiki.

    Some time back, i had an account on this wiki, but somehow, it got hacked and now im making an new one.

    Im here to say hi to all the isle fans here.

    And to get an badge.

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  • A slime psycho2

    lots 'a dinos

    September 25, 2018 by A slime psycho2

    I really like dinos, you can tell. It's a good thing that they fell. If not, we'd be lunch, on our bones, they would munch. My favorite dinosaur is the ichtheosaur, wich had some dolphin-like features. The tylosaurous and the shonisaurus were interesting, and cool ocean/sea/water dinosaurs.

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  • MemoryAngel

    Hi, I'm Memory.

    I'm new to the Isle community and just wanted to ask a question. Is the Isle supposed to be scientifically accurate?


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  • Tatsumi18

    Protect your Profiles

    February 28, 2018 by Tatsumi18

    Resently we have had someone messing with our own profiles. If you do not want yours disturbed, then I advise you to protect them for your own safety. As you now know, I have banned the user who has been cause this and more for 6 months. That should give them time to think upon their actions. If you agree with the idea of protecting your profile, then please state your comment below.

    Regards, Tatsumi.

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  • Theferretman21

    Quick question

    January 24, 2018 by Theferretman21

    How many admins are active other than nueclearshrum?

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  • SmashingGecko

    Gimme da badge thingy

    January 23, 2018 by SmashingGecko

    I j u s t w a n t t h e b a d g e / a c h i e v m e n t.

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  • Theferretman21
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  • Tatsumi18

    Editing issues

    December 5, 2017 by Tatsumi18

    I have been finding a bug in the editing system. Not sure if Im the only one finding this but if you are finding this bug, please let me or Shroom know. Not sure whats going on but hopfully we can figure it out. 

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  • Nuclearshroom

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  • Nuclearshroom

    Just for clarification I'm talking about the in-game weights.

    This will be talking about how much of a T. rex each creature weighs (i.e. a T. rex weighs 1/1 of a T. rex). Of course, these won't be exact most of the time due to the somewhat bizarre nature of the creature weights, but they are usually within 1% of 1% (aka very close).

    1 represents a T. rex's weight, so 1/2 means half of a T. rex while 2 means double a T. rex.

    Tyrannosaurus- 1 (duh)

    Giganotosaurus- 1+1/6

    Spinosaurus- 1+2/3

    Triceratops- 1+1/2

    Shantungosaurus- 2+1/6

    Allosaurus- 1/2

    Carnotaurus- 1/3

    Really the point of this post though was to show that the numbers are really arbitrary, and that the odd nature of them is essentially just to cover that up. (Edit) They're actually from more exact con…

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  • Nuclearshroom

    This won't just be a lame "what I think its stats should be." This will be exploring the probable relationship between Tyrannosaurus and its prey and competition in The Isle. Some animals will be easier than others, since some (or their close relatives) lived with Tyrannosaurus (or its relatives). Others will be much more difficult, living in environments completely separated from Tyrannosaurus' grasp. However, I can still present my thoughts about this in the most accurate way I can. This will both explore from a solely realistic view, as well as a more balance-centric view. When possible, I will look at T. rex's hunting habits more than it or its opponents physical traits, since it gives clues as to how significantly of a threat Tyrannosaurus v…

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  • Nuclearshroom

    You may have heard claims of 18, 19, 20 meter Spinosaurus, hell, I've heard them as high as 25 meters. Personally, I find the idea of an 82 foot Spino a bit ridiculous.

    I will split this critcism of these claims up into several sections.

    I often hear claims from fanboys of 20+ tonne weights for Spinos around the 20 meter range. Estimates larger would likely approach the 30 tonne range.

    Let's use Giraffatitan as a means of criticism.

    The main criticism here is that Giraffatitan would only be slightly heavier than Spinosaurus (partially due to weight-reducing air-sacs found in most sauropods, but no theropod as far as I know has been found with similar sacs), and yet, Giraffatitan was a pillar-legged quadruped, whilst Spinosaurus had relatively thin le…

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  • Nuclearshroom


    May 27, 2017 by Nuclearshroom

    I've actually managed to get in contact with some people who are helping me make a mod for the game. However, because they are busy right now, that gives me some time to take suggestions, if anyone wants to give them to me.

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  • Nuclearshroom

    The Spino has recently been super-buffed.

    It now loses only 4 stamina a second instead of 5

    Its damage has been increased from 550 to 860

    It now does bleed (I don't know exactly how much yet).

    It does seem to have a slightly slower bite, but this really doesn't compensate for everything else.

    This pretty much points to the Spino now being the super predator of the island. Being able to easily face tank a Rex now, it seems to be the ultimate predator. The Rex does still have somewhat absurd healing and leg break though (to my knowledge), so the strategy would be to break a Spino's leg, and run away or slowly wear it down over time (as Rexes did before).

    At least it's still the slowest apex.

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  • Tatsumi18

    I have been resently adding some old images of former official skins before they were removed. The reason Ive been adding these old images is to show people some of the old skins from the good old days of sandbox and having war on other people as certain dinosaurs. I wish some of these skins come back. My favorite was the Grassland TSL T.rex skin, it was so beautiful and majestic in my opinion. Sadly I dont think these skins will come back anytime in the future but through the power of mods, I hope they will.

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  • Nuclearshroom

    Fat Sue

    February 9, 2017 by Nuclearshroom

    In previous years, Sue's weight was estimated at about 8-10 tonnes (8.8-11 tons), however, a new study says otherwise.

    Using computer models that ranged from "too skinny, too fat, or too disproportionate," the study found range for Sue's weight that may have been anywhere from 9.5 tonnes to 18.5 tonnes (10.5-20.5 tons). The most likely estimate has been set at 13.99 tonnes, basically 14 tonnes (15.4 tons). Does this mean all dinosaurs were heavier than previously thought? Perhaps, but since very few similar studies have been carried out, it's up to debate for now.

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  • Cfrollopingas

    i just wanted to know, mine is Spinosaurus because of how weird it is

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  • Nuclearshroom


    December 30, 2016 by Nuclearshroom

    The weight system has been remastered completely, instead of rigid weight classes, each dinosaur has a unique weight to it.

    I'll edit the pages when I get a chance to.

    Anyways, the maximum weights.





















    Juvie Rex-1,300

    Sub Rex-3,000

    Adult Rex-5,443




    The weight system affects damage by dividing the Attacker weight by the victim weight. For example, a Shant is approximately 30% heavier than a Spino, so an attack will do 30% extra damage (I think). So a regular stomp would do 1,105 damage to a Spino, a headbutt woul…

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  • Hammerbro123


    December 20, 2016 by Hammerbro123

    There has been some official Isle dossiers released which can be seen here. Becuase of that, i'm making a proposal that we base our information off them, including the dino's sizes as well as what they are like in the isle, which of course means that we might have to drastically change some of the info on our pages. I'm also thinking about making it so that you could view the dossiers in the infoboxes once I get the hang of the coding that is required to do so. I think this would be really helpful so that our wiki would be more reliable for information. I would like to see some of your opinions as well.

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  • Nuclearshroom

    Weight classes

    November 30, 2016 by Nuclearshroom

    Extra Small:












    Tyrannosaurus rex (juvenile)







    Tyrannosaurus rex (sub-adult)

    Extra Large:




    Tyrannosaurus rex (adult)








    Hyperendocrin rex



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  • Hypo rex

    I would personally like to see the ostafrikasaurus and parasaurolophus.

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  • BeyonderGodOmnipotent

    Hey guys! just wanted to hear feed back on the website! The Isle Forum

    It has emoji's,reputation system,future rank titles, and much much more.

    Well if some don't know the original forum for the isle is basically spammed by bots with porn and or worst links so i created this forum to be a better potential than the original a small community for us fans.

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  • Hammerbro123

    The Isle mod wiki

    November 5, 2016 by Hammerbro123

    Hey guys, so i made a wiki about mods for the isle here. Make sure to tell people about it so it can gain recognition.

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  • Hammerbro123

    The Stomping Land Wiki

    November 2, 2016 by Hammerbro123

    I have been thinking about making a TSL wiki despite the fact that it died long ago. I'm not sure wether to do it or not because of that fact. I need some thoughts guys.

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  • Hammerbro123

    Look what i found

    October 24, 2016 by Hammerbro123

    Apparently, i found this wiki that this guy just made. I came over to him and said we already have this wiki, and even insisted that he comes over to us to help us out. But then he said he'll just stay where he is. I need some thoughts about what to do about it.

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  • Dinusiowa

    My dinos from The Isle

    October 16, 2016 by Dinusiowa
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  • Nuclearshroom


    October 11, 2016 by Nuclearshroom

    Nobody is allowed to vandalize pages. I don't care who you are or why you did it, if your caught vandalizing, your getting blocked, no excuses.

    'Nuff said.

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  • Hammerbro123

    Game reviews

    October 1, 2016 by Hammerbro123

    This is a blog post that i felt like creating. There have been some bad reviews about the game, mostly about stuff like balancing, toxic community, bad dev behavior etc. I want to know your opinion about these bad reviews and what you agree/disagree with. In my opinion, i think they are overreacting about the game, mostly because it's early access and that not everything about the game is perfect. As dev behavior, i don't think bad behavior will reflect the quality of a game. For example, the devs could treat their community very nicely, but give out a very bad game. (I'm looking at you ark). But very mean devs that you definitely wouldn't want out hang out with might deliver a very good game. See what i mean? Plus, i think the dev's behav…

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  • Nuclearshroom

    This is off topic for the Isle, but I felt like making this.

    Anyways, regarding speculative dinosaurs, they usually have way over estimated weights. What do I mean? Well, A. fraggilimus is estimated at 122.4 tonnes (135 tons), which is based on a 27 meter (89 foot) Diplodocus, and it seems fairly legitimate, because it basically just assumes similar proportions to a Diplodocus and scales from there. However, isometric scaling, when used to find the mass of extant animals, has been found to greatly overestimate mass. Taking this into account then, you'll find that a 58 meter (190 foot) long A. fraggilimus would weigh much less than previous estimates, still huge, but nothing record breaking. The same can be applied to other massive theoretic…

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  • Nuclearshroom

    Dinosaur size accuracy

    September 16, 2016 by Nuclearshroom

    I won't go over everything, but here are just a couple I picked.

    Tyrannosaurus rex - the real life largest complete specimen ("Sue") could reach 12.3 meters (40 feet) and may have tipped the scales over 10 tonnes (11 tons), though a more common size would be 11-12 meters (36-39 feet) and 6-8 tonnes (6.6-8.8 tons). The in game T. rex is 13.7 meters (45 feet), which could give a weight several tonnes more than a real Tyrannosaurus, even Sue.

    Acrocanthosaurus - real life size would be 11.5 (38 feet) meters and 6.2 tonnes (6.8 tons), the game seems to get this quite well, though the length may be slightly exaggerated.

    Shantungosaurus - the in game Shant seems to use fairly low end estimates of about 13-14 (43-46 feet) meters, judging by how it's …

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  • Hammerbro123

    Wiki redesign

    September 14, 2016 by Hammerbro123

    Gave this wiki a bit of a makeover now that I am an admin. I would like to see some opinions on this new look.

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  • Hammerbro123

    Becoming an Admin

    September 4, 2016 by Hammerbro123

    I have sent a request to become an admin on this wiki since the original founder does not seem to care anymore about this place. I would like to see some opinions on this. It would be very helpful.

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