Avaceratops is a genus of nasutoceratopsine ceratopsian from the late Campanian of Montana. It contains only one species, A.lammersi.

In Real Life

Avaceratops was a small ceratopsian that probably fed on ferns, cycads and low-growing conifers. Due to how fragmentary the holotype is, much of Avaceratops' appearance is not known for certain, although it's likely it bore a resemblance to it's close relative, Nasutoceratops.

In The Isle

Avaceratops is one of, if not, the most powerful Tier 2 dinosaurs in the game. While its not very powerful enough to face Tier 3 or 4, its still a threat to Tier 1 and 2 dinosaurs, with its health at 1000 and is able to do 25 damage (which would be more significant to creatures like a Herrerasaurus due to its high weight, doing 50 damage to a Herrerasaurus).

Avaceratops are more likely to survive if in a herd with other or a mixed herd of Triceratops, Diabloceratops, and other Avaceratops. When fighting a group of Herrerasaurus or Austroraptor when in a group yourself. the best strategy is to form a circle, as many ceratopsians do, with your horns facing the attackers and your backside inside the circle. While a few of your herd's members may get injured from the bites of the carnivores, you are less likely to have any deaths of your allies.

Stick close to one another so if any danger comes, you can form a defensive circle. When a Tier 3 or 4 carnivore appears, four call as quick as you can and find a place for you to hide as Tier 3 and Tier 4 carnivores are able to one-shot you. If you do not flee as soon as you spot them, they can easily catch you due to your slow speed.

Avaceratops spawns as AI in Survival.

It is currently only playable in Sandbox mode.

Behind The Scenes

The Avaceratops uses some of the old Triceratops sounds and one of the old Diabloceratops sounds.