Austroraptor is a medium-sized dromaeosaurid theropod from the early Maastrichian age of the Cretaceous Period.

In Real Life

Austroraptor is the largest dromaeosaur ever found in the Southern Hemisphere, and the fourth-largest dromaeosaurid ever discovered.

Austroraptor is closely related to animals like Unenlagia and Buitreraptor. It preyed on small mammals, fish, pterosaurs and may have even preyed on the titanosaurs Saltasaurus and Rocasaurus.

In The Isle

The Austroraptor is a good choice for players who enjoy sneaking up on their prey and working with others in a meticulous fashion in order to bring their quarry down.

They are slower than the Carnotaurus and Utahraptor and have very little damage output, so it is best to stay hidden with larger predators around. Austroraptor preys on fish and creatures it's size or smaller, such as Psittacosaurus, Dryosaurus, Herrerasaurus and Velociraptor. Juveniles of larger dinosaurs are also on the menu.

General overview:


  • Small size makes it so they can sneak very well.
  • They are relatively fast.
  • Able to pounce onto larger animals.


  • Low damage output.
  • Not fast enough to outrun the Carnotaurus or Utahraptor.
  • Easy to be killed by other players.
  • Pouncing drains stamina at an accelerated rate when in use.


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